• 1981

    DJ Legacy is born on 14th Aug 1981 in North West London… the home of multi cultural society… and of course an epicenter for Music!

    In his early years as a child music was always in his blood, father a devoted classic Record Collector, lover of Bob Marley, Elvis and even African Music

  • Early 90s

    Now turning getting a little more familiar with music and sounds DJ Legacy took a liking to the Indian Instrument of Tabla, learning and mastering this skill into his early teens.

    As with all teenagers DJ Legacy started listening too all the 90s artists from across Rnb Hiphop Dancehall Drum and Base and even a very unknown type of music back then Kenyan Music…

    Now at high school DJ Legacy had a liking to Music, Events, Djing and Clubs… He started organizing school End of year Discos and later started to mess about with Turntables at a very young age of 15

    This was the turning point DJ Legacy now started to collect a record collection of Drum and Base and then UK Garage… The 90s Urban Music and Dancehall 7” records was a passion which ultimately became the direction he moved into.

    Now 19 Legacy was playing in top clubs & student unions across not only London but also the UK. Later venturing into Europe (Poland and Switzerland)
    DJ Legacy had now given up his love of hitting hands and fingers on the Tabla and swapped it with spinning and dropping beats on Turntables!

  • 2000-2005

    This was a huge leap period for DJ Legacy, he ventured into India and become one of the originators of real urban music in India, Mumbai had given him a monthly residency at the no.1 club at the time Enigma in JW Marriott, and then Bangalore was booking him every other month.

    Finally one of India’s highlights was being booked at India’s first Super Club Elevate India.

    This booking went into over 9 bookings including 1 NYE….

    This set apart DJ Legacy from many and really was a part of the learning club of cross border musical understanding and how to adapt to different crowds

    During this journey his paths had crossed with Djs from all across the UK, during the on going university circuit DJ Legacy & Josey Kray partnered to become a ruthless Combo…

    Josey Kray as a hype Man and old school expert with DJ Legacy’s “Impact Mixing” Style through the DJ Schedule into overdrive.

    The two London boys were travelling almost every week to India and other countries.

    During this period numerous project were carried out on of them a very social impacting brand STx3. This was an event dedicated to educate Aids Awareness in Discotheque society in India.

    They carried out 10 events across India and also numerous sessions with local Djs and school seminars.

  • 2006 – 2010

    During this period DJ Legacy had made a real impact in numerous countries across the globe with his style of mixing and musical content and entertainment style.

    Bookings continued and the elements of Afrobeats started to make an appearance in the late 2010 period…

    With his African roots (Kenya) DJ Legacy introduced a different vibe in the clubs mixing Hip-hop Rnb Dancehall with this new vibe later called Afro beats. Musical from Nigeria Ghana Kenya Uganda and South Africa really started to be played more.

  • 2010 – Current

    DJ Legacy now routed in the urban scene has created many concepts and brands from STx3, Yo! Get Low, “A Musical Journey” and now RUN your city…

    Qatar has become DJ Legacy 2nd turning point bringing him exposure not just as a DJ but Event Manager, Artist Management, Cooperate Event handling and not to forget Djing with the Biggest names in the industry.

    And all this in the Desert of the Middle East.

    What’s more for DJ Legacy? Watch this Space….